RESTAURANT „Na statku“

The non-smoking restaurant "On the farm" with wheelchair access, is located in Namest nad Oslavou, which lies on the main road Brno - Jihlava, near the town of Trebic and is 8 km far away from the D1 motorway exit 162. In front of the restaurant there is parking for 25 cars.

In the area of ​​agricultural settlements and the atmosphere of the “past lifestyle” we can offer traditional home cooking, Pilsner beer and a selection of Moravian wines. On request, we can prepare meet on the grill or in the smokehouse.

About restaurant

Bar section of the restaurant with tiled stove has a capacity of 22 seats. There is a big-screen TV used for sports events. Free Wi-Fi is a matter of course.

Dining part has a capacity of 84 seats in 7 separate boxes. The largest of the boxes is also used as a meeting room for up to 45 guests. Projector is available.

From spring to autumn there is open seating in the courtyard with a capacity of 50 seats. For the children there is a sandbox with plastic toys.

Our non-smoking restaurant offers a quiet and friendly place for family celebrations, weddings, graduations and corporate events. According to your request we will organize a feast with all that belongs to it. We will prepare you individual price calculations, arrange decorations, music program and arrange everything you want to your complete satisfaction.


Children dishes

Potato dumplings with poppy and butter 250 g 65,-
Grilled pork mignon fillet 75 g 65,-
Grilled chicken breast 75 g 59,-

Fish dishes

Grilled trout 250 g 175,-
Salmon steak with butter (salmon fillet) 200 g 200,-

Pork dishes

Grilled pork with garlic-herb sauce 200 g 135,-
Grilled pork with onion rings 200 g 135,-
Grilled pork chop with pepper sauce 200 g 135,-
Pork tenderloin with spinach 200 g 160,-
Pork mignon fillet with plum sauce and wine 200 g 160,-
Pork medallions with rosemary and cheese sauce 200 g 160,-
Fried pork chop with lemon 150g 99,-

Poultry dishes

Grilled chicken breast with cranberries 150 g 125,-
Chicken steak with Mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes 150 g 125,-
Grilled chicken breast with blue cheese sauce 150 g 125,-
Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms cream 150 g 125,-
Grilled chicken breast with herb butter and almonds 150 g 125,-
Stuffed chicken Gordon bleu with ham and cheese 150 g 125,-
Fried chicken breast with lemon 150 g 99,-

Ready-made dishes

Baked pork knuckle with spicy garnished and bread 1 ks 210,-
Roast spare rib with honey, piquant garnish and bread 400 g 130,-
Smoked meat, cabbage, dumpling 130 g 90,-


Salad with Balkan cheese 250 g 60,-
Tomato salad with onion 150 g 30,-
Cucumber salad 150 g 30,-
Fruit compote 200 g 30,-

Side dishes

Boiled potatoes 250 g 28,-
Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 250 g 30,-
Fried potatoes 250 g 30,-
Potato croquettes 200 g 30,-
French fries (Chips) 250 g 30,-
Dollar chips 250 g 30,-
Potato pancake 4 pc 30,-
Stewed rice 200 g 28,-
Roast vegetable 250 g 35,-
Vegetable garnish 100 g 25,-
Ketchup 50 g 15,-
Tatar Sauce 50 g 15,-


Broth with noodle and liver dumplings 0,33 l 30,-
Garlic soup with ham, cheese and toast 0,33 l 30,-


Home-made sausage, mustard, horseradish and bread 150 g 55,-
Toast with spicy meat mixture strewed by cheese 75 g 75,-
Toast with garlic 1 ks 12,-

Sweet courses

Pancake with jam, fruit and whipped cream 2 pc 60,-
Hot forest raspberry with whipped cream and ice cream 120 g 60,-
Vanilla cream with fruit and biscuit 120 g 50,-
Warm chocolate dessert with nut, ice cream and whipped cream 1 pc 50,-
One portion of ice cream 1 pc 12,-

Vegetable dishes

Vegetable salad with grilled chicken pieces 400 g 90,-
Potato dumplings with chicken pieces, corn and cheese sauce 300 g 110,-
Potato dumplings with spinach, chicken pieces and cream 300 g 110,-
Potato dumplings with mushroom sauce 300 g 85,-
Fried cauliflower 300 g 70,-
Fried cheese – Eidam 100 g 70,-
Fried Hermelin (type of a blue cheese) 100 g 75,-